A Reach Bliss Leg Massager.
Detailed labelled diagram of the features of a Reach Bliss Leg Massager.
The functions on the remote for the Reach Bliss Leg Massager.
An illustration of how a foot is massaged by the Reach Bliss Leg Massager.
A woman relaxing and enjoying the Reach Bliss Leg Massager while reading a magazine.
Dimensions of a Reach Bliss Leg Massager.
A Reach Bliss Leg Massager presented as a gift with a red ribbon tied across it.

Bliss Leg Massager

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Product Details:

  • COMPREHENSIVE LEG MASSAGER – The dream of a perfect massage is now a reality with the REACH BLISS leg, foot and calf massager. Bliss is scientifically designed in a way to reproduce the hand movements of human massaging styles. Experience ultimate experience with variety of massage like Shiatsu, Rolling, Kneading, squeezing, scraping, Foot Reflexology, acupoint Massage, Vibration Therapy.
  • FEATURES – Extended Height, Removable and washable sleeves, Stable Base, Handles on Both Sides, 3 Modes, 3 Intensity levels, Target Based Massage options, Increase Massage Time up to 30 mins, Auto timer is 15 min. Different types of Massage available.
  • EXTENDED HEIGHT & 2M EXTENDED CORD – Bliss electric Foot massage machine is designed with a height that provides maximum massage coverage to the legs. 2m of adaptor cord length makes it comfortable to use massager at distance from the socket.
  • TARGETED MASSAGE - With Bliss leg Massager one can select either calf or foot massage at a time. Which helps offers improved circulation and quick recovery for stressed feet by focusing on targeted muscles.
  • FOOT REFLEXOLOGY - delivers a powerful reflexology massage that Brings the body back into its natural state to help promote the body's natural healing. It works by forcing blood Back towards the heart for improved circulation.