Reach Yoga Mat (Black)
Woman doing yoga on Reach Yoga Mat (Black) and Dimensions of Reach Yoga Mat (Black)
High Density Feature of Mat Explained
Key Features of Reach Yoga Mat (Black)
6 mm thickness of Reach Yoga Mat (Black)
Reach Yoga Mat (Black) has wave pattern and non slip surface
Skid Resistant feature of Reach Yoga Mat (Black)
Basic Features of Reach Yoga Mat (Black)
Some more features of Reach Yoga Mat (Black)

Reach Yoga Mat (Black)

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The Reach Fitness yoga mat is made of non-toxic, odorless, and harmless EVA material, which is friendly to the body and the environment and is highly recommended by yoga lovers. Reach yoga mats have the characteristics of good elasticity, appropriate slip resistance, soft, comfortable, and lightweight.
  • Improved Anti-Slip CoefficientBoth the front and back of the REACH yoga mat have non-slip texture, which can adapt to common floor types without offset and provide a stable grip for yoga asanas.
  • Ample Cushioning & Space: 2/3 Inch thick yoga mat provides more cushioning and stability for your body than a thin yoga mat and is safer and more comfortable. It is perfect for practicing postures, back support during inversions, and other yoga postures!
  • Durable and Reliable: Reach mat is compactly constructed. It doesn't peel off like cheap plastic mats, neither can be torn, even used in a high frequency for yoga halls or in a heated environment for hot yoga. It's able to stay soft for a long time and always provides good cushioning when you need it.
  • Shock Absorption High Rebound: The recyclable EVA material is made up of silicone. It comes with a higher density than ordinary yoga mats. Its elasticity will not decrease even after a long time.